6 Types Of Corporate Video

Corporate video is, in general terms, a non-advertisement based video. There are a number of reasons why companies might use corporate videos to enhance their business. In this blog post we will identify some of the key types used.

1: Product / Service demonstration video

All companies are selling a product or a service, and in these internet-based days video is an essential tool for showing off those products and services. Depending on your product there are many ways you can tackle this.
This is a recent example we tackled at Growl Films for Tigris. It concerns a client (a wholesale toy company) who realized that too much staff time was being eaten up by providing customer support for a range of children’s electric cars which they were marketing. We helped them tackle that problem by creating a range of product demonstration videos. These videos enable customers to follow step-by-step assembly instructions and so ensure they put the products together correctly. These product assembly videos are proving a significant help to Tigris’s customers. As a consequence, they are freeing up time and resources with the company, enabling our client to concentrate on other areas of the business.
Here is one of the videos which we created for Tigris.


2: Testimonial Video

Whether your company sells a product or a service a very important aspect is customer trust in your company. A great way to use corporate video to achieve this is through using a testimonial video. Testimonial videos can vary but in essence they have 1 or more people talking about their experience with the product or service in question, the people on screen might be average consumers or they might be professionals & industry influencers.
A great example of this is a video for Laneige who are a South Korean cosmetics brand, they did a testimonial video to promote their facial masks. Even though the concept of the video is simple, several females users of the product talking to the camera, it is executed in a very effective way. The things that stand out in this video are they use a great location, they shoot the video with high end cameras and lighting gear and the on screen talent speak very naturally and are very comfortable in front of the camera. This helps sell their brand as being luxury, atheistically pleasing and gets great end result for consumers.



3: Recruitment video

A company succeeds or fails largely as a result of its employees, in particular their skills and work ethic. Recruitment videos are a great way to show off a company’s culture and values. They also give potential recruits a glimpse into what it might be like to work at the company. The key to a successful recruitment video is knowing your target demographic and making clear to your audience what the company is looking for in its employees.

A recruitment corporate video which shows what can be done with a modest budget and a simple concept is this one from Accenture Digital:

4: Brand video

An effective brand video is essential for a company that is looking to both increase awareness of its brand and also enhance or change the way consumers might see the brand. It can raise awareness in a more subtle ways than adverts. It can touch on the product or service you sell, without feeling forced. It can take a wider view, looking at topics like company history, culture and  process.
A simple but effective brand corporate video we at Growl Films like is this one by Oolaboo skincare. It mixes gorgeous visuals with some documentary style footage to show the process of making the products as well as illustrating their real world usage.

5: Training video

Training videos by their nature need to impart knowledge to the viewer. This might range from a tightly defined skill or to company rules and policies. Training in a new job can be stressful for the new (and not so new) recruit. A training focused corporate video is a great way of showing people how do their job and what is expected of them in a non-intimidating way.
An effective training video example is the barista training video below where real employees to demonstrate how to make coffee in the way that is expected – not just by the company, but also the consumers.
With training videos like this, it’s good to assume no knowledge and to show every step of the coffee making process however simple, and also to shoot it in a way which maintains the viewer’s interest.

6: Internal Communication video

Internal communication may seem like something that you don’t need a corporate video for, but it depends on the type and size of your business.
Big companies, or smaller companies with employees scattered across different offices, cities and even countries, need to be able to communicate with those employees consistently and clearly. An example might be a business with offices and staff all over the country, many of the staff largely home-based.
In such cases, a regular video bulletin might be a very effective way of updating the company’s staff on policy, performance and other issues. Due to the nature of these internal comms videos they are not usually public, so there is no example here.


Nothing to do with Growl Films, but I guess you would call it a corporate training video … We love it, so why don’t you grab a hot drink and enjoy a crazy 2:38 minutes of corporate video fun!

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