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C&C Reservoirs

C&C Reservoirs provide Analogue Intelligence for upstream subsurface applications. Their product, the Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™), is a secure, cloud-based knowledge system designed to improve decision quality and drive value across all phases of the E&P lifecycle.

Brief: To create a animation that gave a broad overview of what C&C Reservoirs offers, in particular their product DAKS and the benefits it can bring to their customers.

What We Did

First thing we did here at Growl Films before starting to plan the animation was to get down to the crux of what C&C Reservoirs do, to understand what they stand for and to learn about their market. We then had several meetings to discuss both the creative and content side of the project. This included creating concept art and storyboards for review.

Once concept had been signed off, we started the actual animation. That’s where we made the designs really come to life. Using an array of animation techniques, we focused on explaining complex ideas in a direct and succinct way, all the while making sure the video style was on brand and on message.

Throughout the animation process C&C reservoirs were encouraged to review and refine any aspects, making sure they felt part of the process and were 100% happy with the result.

"Hugo and his team at Growl Films produced a fantastic animated video to clearly communicate the value of our company. Hugo went the extra mile to make sure he understood our business and the industry we work in. Looking forward to working with them again soon."


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